The Connector Model

What are Connectors and why do we need them?

In many communities, there exists a disconnect between individuals and the support, resources, and opportunities available to them that might help them improve their health and wellbeing. This disconnect often stems from a lack of awareness of these resources. Imagine someone facing a challenge or seeking assistance, but they are unaware of the services and resources that could potentially help them navigate through their situation.

If someone doesn’t know about support, resources, and opportunities, they essentially don’t exist to them.

This gap in awareness can have significant implications, contributing to social isolation, limited access to services, and missed opportunities for improving health and wellbeing. It perpetuates cycles of disadvantage and inequality, as individuals miss out on the resources and support they need.

In every community, there have always been those who serve as connectors — the idea is not new. These people have played an essential role in passing knowledge and understanding within communities often in the simplest of day-to-day interactions without any recognition of the role they instinctively undertake. Yet significant transformations have taken place in knowledge dissemination which has become easier for some to access yet for others it may be too diffuse, too overwhelming, difficult to access or seemly hidden.

Now, more than ever, we need to take a lead from what happens naturally in communities and build on it.

Enter the role of Connectors. Connectors participate in a brief training session or workshop that equips them with the tools to share simple, brief signposting messages with friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and strangers, if the opportunity arises. Connectors operate in a very light touch way and simply signpost. It is not a formal role but just a community member empowered with information that they can pass on to others. They serve as vital conduits, breaking down barriers with the aim that everyone has access to the help and resources they need.


Click below to download the toolkit which includes session plans, information on monitoring and evaluation and case studies on Community Connectors in Frome and Heritage Connectors. For more information or support please get in touch directly through the contact page.

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