Our projects connect people around the World

Why share projects?

Sharing projects from around the world is a common-sense thing to do. Here’s why:

  • Sharing projects helps communities learn from and be inspired by each other’s successes and avoids reinventing the wheel.
  • Seeing what has worked elsewhere can provide valuable insights and shortcuts to success. Instead of starting from scratch, we can build upon existing knowledge.
  • Learning from the experiences of other projects allows us to maximise the impact while minimising costs.
  • Project sharing promotes cultural exchange and understanding, as it involves learning from diverse perspectives and approaches to problem-solving. It breaks down barriers, builds empathy and understanding, and creates a more interconnected global community.
  • Sharing projects gives organisations a platform to showcase their initiatives and collaborate with others. It builds a sense of community and creates opportunities for partnerships.

Which projects are shared?

We will be adding projects every month. Each project will have a toolkit, case study or ‘how to guide’ and contact details of the project lead if they are able to support you further.

To kickstart, the first project idea to be shared is the concept of “Connectors” within a community. Connectors are individuals who play a vital role in passing on information to others.

The Connector Model

The Connector Model

What are Connectors and why do we need them?

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